"Loving pilates with Hilary.  Her routines are interesting and varied with clear instructions to make sure you exercise safely"


"I would just like to say how much I enjoy your classes on Wednesday evenings in Devizes - I come away feeling as if I have achieved something.  I know I have not been going long but can feel the benefits already.

I have been to many classes in the past but not enjoyed them.  I would also like to thank you - you are the only person that has listened and taken note of my back problems.  I really appreciate this.  Thank you for much - keep up the good work"  

"I have just returned from a wonderfully fun and relaxing week in Andalucia with Hilary and Esmee.  Twice daily pilates, great food, company and weather, what's not to like.  I feel so chilled out having met a great group of people and had a good laugh too.  I hope to return next year and would recommend this break to anybody - you won't regret it"

I have attended Hilary's group since 2014 Initially it was to help recovery from my knee replacement, but I continued attending as I felt it was beneficial to my fitness and I found her extremely helpful in teaching all of us how to individually look after our different needs.


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