Common Mistakes to Avoid in Pilates Class

February 19, 2017

Below I have briefly summarised some of the common mistakes I witness time and again in my classes.  Top of the list has to be HOLDING YOUR BREATH! I appreciate when you begin practising pilates the breathing can be very confusing and it's a concept which becomes easier and more manageable as your experience grows.  Try to focus on activating your core centre and exhale on the exertion......  and if all else fails, just breath as naturally as you can!


Second on the list of offenders is PERFORMING EXERCISES TOO QUICKLY! Don't rush your moves.  Allow your mind to connect to your body and think about each movement.  Performing exercises slowly takes more focus, control and strength.


Next is not taking a moment to focus on ensuring correct alignment before beginning an exercise.  Whatever position you are starting in, take that time to scan your body from the feet upwards to check that alignment.


SHOULDERS CREEPING UP TOWARDS YOUR EARS is next on my list! Focus on sliding those shoulder blades softly down your back and feel those muscles around your mid back working to keep them there.


Last but not least is DISENGAGEMENT and by this I mean lying on your mat "going through the motions", allowing a disconnect between thoughts and actions (see above!) and allowing your mind to wander,  thinking about what's for supper when you get home, or has your other half remembered to feed the dog, cat or children!   


So if you recognise yourself in any of the above scenarios, remember awareness is the first step towards correction!  


See you again soon.




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