Muscle of the Month

February 21, 2017



Each month I'm going to focus on a different muscle, give you a little information about it and hopefully some interesting facts.  To kick of this monthly feature , its   THE GLUTES which comprise...



Gluteus maximus, medius  and minimus


This set of muscles are responsible for (amongst other things)


  • turning your thighs out in their sockets as in the one-leg circle

  •  extending your thighs behind you and away from the midline of the body as in the side kick.

  •  Your glutes also tip the pelvis under as you roll back or perform the bridge exercise.

These days we are bombarded with images of celebrities flaunting their perfect derrieres and  we may  all wish we had a naturally great backside (especially as the annual squeezing of our bodies into the swimsuit approaches!)  However we may not have been blessed with the perfection we desire, but, and here's the good bit, it's not too late to start creating one now!  To sculpt the perfect posterior we need to strengthen from the top and the bottom without overly clenching.  Focus that squeeze around the backs of the upper inner thighs and gently draw those sit bones towards each other.


Remember a deficient derriere can force other back muscles to overcompensate, creating more problems.


Regularly practising Pilates helps to ensure that you strengthen multidirectionally ensuring that your abdominals, back and glutes all share the load.


            Exercise of the Month


                                                         THE CLAM


Try this to fire up those lazy glutes, especially if you find yourself sitting around for long periods at a time.......


  • Lie on your side , hips stacked , knees bent at 90 degrees.

  • Create that little space under your waist

  • Keep your heels together and lift your top knee towards the ceiling. Don't allow those hips to tip backwards.

  • Think about using some imaginary resistance as you slowly lift and lower your knee. 

  • You may (or may not) find it helpful to shout Beyonce/Kylie as you inhale and exhale!

Repeat 10 times.






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