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It is said that Multifidus is the smallest but most powerful muscle in the body.  It is in fact a series of muscles which attach to the spinal column.  These muscles are then divided into two further groups, the superifcial muscle group and the deep muscle group.  You can see that the Multifidus muscles extend all along the spine allowing us to keep our body weight evenly distributed and keep our spine stable during its many movements in all directions.


Research has shown that the Multifidus activates even before any action is carried out so as to protect our spine from injury.  People with chronic back pain normally have less responsive Multifidus muscle action so it is vitally important to keep these muscles strong in order to maintain a healthy back function.


 The Multifidus muscle spans three joint segments and stabilizes these joints at each level.  Weakness in this muscle in the lumbar region is strongly associated with low back pain.  One way to help strengthen Multifidus is to tense the muscles of the pelvic floor , so as you can see, Pilates practise is a step in the right direction!  See you again soon!


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March 25, 2019

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