The Pilates Principles


Back in the day when good old Joseph Pilates came up with the exercise principles we now know today as Pilates, he formed his ideas on six principles.  As the great man himself once said , these principles combine ..."to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill"


Over the course of the next few weeks I'm going to be concentrating on each of the six principles in a blog and also reinforcing the practice in class. So, do keep an eye on the website to keep up-to-date and understand more fully what I'm going on about!


So, the first principle is all about CONTROL



This is THE most important principle from which all the others derive.  In fact the original name given to the exercise system was Contrology.    Joseph's idea was that a few movements performed correctly with total muscular and mental control, together with purposeful, precise movement were far more effective than numerous repetitions performed sloppily!  He was on to something there! This philosophy applies to ALL movement, whether slow, swift or dynamic.  Control enables you to become more aware of where your body is in space and to work targeted muscles more efficiently.


So, how to put this theory into practice!


1.  Consider the execution of EVERY component of the movement.  CONTROL everything -  alignment, breathing, pace and co-ordination.


2.  Try not to be uncertain in your movement.  Memorise the breath pattern and movement so you can begin to control the exercises well.


3.  CONTROL the movement and focus on a beginning, middle and end.  Try to achieve fluidity, strength and precision whatever you are moving.


Try never to sigh loudly and slump into a heap at the end of a sequence!!


In summary.... 


  • FOCUS your mind and make each movement count

  • CONTROL your movement and make it strong and free from any strain

  • Be CONSCIOUS of your breathing and co-ordinate your movement with it.


I hope you have found this informative and interesting and feel able to attempt this principle in your next class!


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