The Pilates Principles

Welcome to my second blog in this series, highlighting the principles of pilates as devised by Joe Pilates, who was said to utter at the time...... "these principles combine to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill"....... and he seemed to be a man who knew what he was talking about!  





 Practising pilates requires focusing on your body.  To a certain extent, your success in pilates will be somewhat reliant on your ability to concentrate on the precise detail of each movement.  It is all about being strict with yourself and trying never to let your mind wander, perform on autopilot and knock out mindless repetitions.  Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done.



Top Practising Tips





  • Try to bring your focus to think about which muscles you are working .  This will actually activate the connection to it.


  • Continually scan your body  and think about lengthening parts of your body, how you are breathing and whether your core centre is engaged.


  • Concentrate and correct yourself as you are moving.  Focus on perfecting your movement, take note of your alignment and whether you have lost your core connection or whether you are holding tension anywhere. 




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