The Pilates Principles

In this third article relating to the Pilates Principles I am concentrating and highlighting Flow.  Over the past couple of weeks in my classes we have been striving to incorporate the practise of flow into the programme.  


When practising pilates  try to have a silent pulse in your mind, perhaps visualise or even hear your heart beating and perform your exercises synchronized with this beat.  As you breathe aim for continuous, fluid movement.   Each exercise can be created to flow seamlessly into the next in sequence and as your stamina and technique improves, you will find this easier to adopt.    This helps to create a full body workout, keeping up the heart rate , building on that stamina and endurance.  


......even in a short short workout keep your focus and attempt the sequence of exercises to flow without resting..... will soon begin to appear graceful and effortless,despite working hard....... 


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March 25, 2019

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