Use it Don't lose it!

Firstly the bad news.....from our 30's onwards we will naturally lose around 3-8% of our muscle mass each passing decade.  This means that the less muscle mass we have, the fewer calories our bodies are able to burn, during a workout or even at rest, which then reduces our metabolic rate.  This is indeed bad news .  However, now the good news! By taking a few small steps we can begin to tackle this problem.  The most obvious one of course is to aim to reduce our calorific intake by 300 calories a day as we get older.  Let us be realistic - of course some days we are going to be able to adhere to this and others, well let's not go there!  


Looking after our gut health with plenty of fibre encourages the growth of good microbes in the gut.  Having the right balance of microbes means that more calories are harvested which of course is a win-win!


One of the best things we can do is simply keep moving.  Our bodies are made and designed to move in three planes of movement.  Just moving, getting up and stretching every 15 minutes does make a difference.  Finding something you enjoy helps make this transition into regular exercise easier. 


Pilates is brilliant at gently encouraging movement and flexibility in all three planes of movement, builds more muscle mass, burns calories, tightens our core muscles leading to a flatter stomach, improves posture (the root cause of many musculoskeletal problems), and gives you that time to connect your mind and your body, if only for an hour a week!  But of course for those of you regularly practising pilates you already know all this and feel the benefits weekly!


Imagine the benefits of joining Esmee and me in Valencia in September for twice daily pilates practice in the warm sunshine, you literally will return feeling refreshed, revitilized, rejuvinated and your  body will thank you!  We currently have just 3 places left, so please don't hesitate.  I know a number of you have thought about this for the past couple of years and never yet made that leap.  Think about what is holding you back!  Feel free to discuss any concerns/insecurities with me - trust me I will have heard them all before!!  See all details on the website.




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March 25, 2019

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